New Year, New Website [Reloaded]

general tech

One year ago I launched a blog that I wanted to be simple and elegant. With the beginning of 2018 upon us, now felt like a good time to give it a quick refresh.

The Pelican Way, v.2.0

Time is a precious commodity when pursuing a PhD. So rather than starting from scratch again, I stayed with Pelican. This has the added advantage of requiring no migration of existing content.

I also used all the added awesomeness in the latest version of Bulma - a CSS framework you should seriously check out. It's based on Flexbox and much lighter than, say, the popular Bootstrap. The templates, by @dsup where a good source of inspiration.

For the favicon, I used, by @johnsorrentino, which also happens to be using Bulma!

Generally, I tried to keep it as light and simple as possible, with mainly css and some pure javascript when needed. There likely remain some quirks that I will iron out as I go.

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