New Year, New Website

general tech

I have been meaning to start a blog for a while without ever finding the time. The winter break gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do so.

The Pelican way

I had been long playing with the idea of a dynamic blog with Flask and Mongo and even got out a working prototype. But, whilst writing a dynamic website from scratch is fun, dealing with all the components involved (e.g. security, creating the various interfaces, dealing with the database, etc), alongside a slightly time-consuming PhD, outweighted the advantages of a dynamic website and I started exploring static options.

Amongst the numerous available options, I settled with Pelican, a Python powered static generator that is popular and well maintained. For the front-end, I created a custom theme using Bulma, a modern, lightweight CSS framework base on Flexbox : the result site is a responsive website (try resising your window) that aims at minimalistic elegance.

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